Database Examples

As we mentioned results taken from a web form can be placed into a database for data retrieval at a later time. The database can be as simple as a Microsoft Access database to more complex MS SQL or MY SQL and other database types. The following example(s) show some database connections.

          The below form could serve as an example of a small database table used to store information about company owned assets distributed to employees. The form itself is used to update the database. Entering data into the form and clicking the submit button will update the database. The actual database is stored in the root of the web and in this case is a Microsoft Access database.


Last Name:  
First Name:  
Laptop Computer:  
Laptop Serial Number:  
Laptop Tag Number:  
Scanner Serial Number:  
Scanner Tag Number:  
Air Card:  
Air Card Serial Number:  
Air Card Tag Number:  
Employee Signature:  


          The above form is nice and can be used to add data to our database, however, it is lacking in many ways. What about if we want to view all of our database information and be able to add / delete and edit our records? Let's take a look at a "Grid View" of our database on another page: